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Land Development – our staff of engineers pride themselves with the ability and vision to take an unimproved site and develop into a “balanced” work of art.  The term “balanced” meaning “no dirt hauled in, and no dirt hauled out”, while simultaneously achieving a vertical visual balance of multiple buildings, a clubhouse, or residential structure showcasing the points of interest while preserving clearance, coverage, and functionality of the supporting infrastructure.  The entire effort translating to a beautiful and marketable development held to a minimal expense.

Our staff at RCH Company has the expertise to represent our clients through the conceptual design, application, plan design, permitting, inspections, and administration of subdivision and commercial site development.

Site Investigation/Planning – a service offered to our clients to determine the feasibility or cost/benefit of development or improvement of a site commonly referred to as “due diligence”.

Drainage Analysis/Impact – every municipal plan approving authority of new developments are concerned with drainage impact of neighboring and down-stream properties.  The engineers at RCH Company are well versed in the latest techniques of controlling the impact of improved property drainage.

Stormwater Permitting – every municipal plan approving authority and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are interested in how silt runoff, erosion, and infiltration will be controlled both during the construction process as well as post construction.  The engineers at RCH Company have the expertise to tailor a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SP3) that will ensure quick permitting with the DEQ, as well as the understanding of today’s regulations to assist our clients with record documentation during the construction process.

Utility Relocation Services – our staff of engineers and land surveyors work closely with utility companies to design and implement relocation of their particular service due to site development or highway improvements.
Transportation Engineering – our staff at RCH Company has nearly a century of combined engineering and land surveying experience with transportation, bridge and street projects; right-of-way acquisitions, and utility relocations associated with infrastructure improvements.

Water/Wastewater Design – our staff of engineers have the experience of designing water distribution systems for commercial parks, rural developments, and residential subdivisions.  Congruently, we have developed sewer collection systems ranging from district expansions associated with business and residential developments to self contained sewer treatment plant facilities.  We understand the plan development and approval process that satisfy the requirements of the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) as well as the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Structural Engineering and Structural Inspections – our staff of engineers have many years of structural analysis and design experience ranging from simple concrete footings to concrete bridges and steel frame design.  Additional structural services include residential and commercial structure inspection and reporting.

Municipal Projects – our staff is ready to represent, engineer, survey, or procure funding for municipalities desiring street rehabilitation, water distribution, sewer collection/treatment, and enhancement/beautification improvement projects.

Construction Management – a service offered to our clients who desire a professional engineer to manage their construction project for piece of mind.  Estimating, bidding, contractual agreements, scheduling, inspections, insurance verification, change orders, and lender assurance are many of the tasks performed during a project.  The construction experience, and construction management education held by the staff at RCH Company is unsurpassed.

Building Code Inspections and Permitting Services –
a service provided to clients building or remodeling a residence, multi-family, or commercial building, per IRC/IBC code requirements. Furthermore, our team of Certifide Building Officials, Inspectors, and Engineers can assist municipalities, jurisdictions, or agencies with a comprehensive Permitting Service from providing software and training for their staff to issue permits, to providing a building plan and site plan review that includes a look at drainage, access, and utilities, as well as to provide electronic archiving of construction drawings and prompt field inspections

No Work Certificates – a service or certification provided for banks, lenders, and/or individuals prior to beginning a construction project indicating that no work has commenced or materials delivered to a proposed construction site.

Mechanical/Electrical Plans – a service provided when incidental to civil engineering projects.

Geotechnical Services – a service offered to our clients through an affiliate company - earthcorellc.com.  Geotechnical services include soil/site investigation and construction testing for all residential, commercial, transportation, oil/gas, municipal, and retaining wall applications.

Oil/Gas Engineering and Construction Services – a service offered to oil/gas/industrial clients.  Services include planning and road design for well pad or line access, land surveying, inspections, line locating, and land clearing.



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